Account deletion on the eXtra website

1. Login to your eXtra account in your browser

2. Go to “Personal Data”

3. Scroll down to "Registration and participation data" and click “Delete account”

4. On the confirmation popup, click on “Delete anyway”

Account deletion in the eXtra App

1. Login your eXtra account in the App

2. Tap on "Others" icon (last icon at the bottom menu)

3. Tap on "Account" or "Profile"

4. Tap on "Account Deletion"

5. Follow the instruction to verify your credential for Account Deletion

Once you have deleted your account, you will be logout from the App and your account will be invalid

Your eXtra Account is deleted and anonymized. You are no longer able to login into eXtra and cannot get points for purchasing car parts. Your eXtra account points are gone.